Marillion lady nina

Marillion's first album released with Hogarth, 1989's Seasons End , was another Top Ten hit, and albums continued to chart well until their departure from EMI Records following the release of their 1996 live album Made Again and the dissipation of the band's mainstream popularity in the late 1990s; save for a resurgence in the mid- to late-2000s, [6] they have essentially been a cult act since then. [7] Marillion have achieved a further twelve Top 40 hit singles in the UK with Hogarth, including 2004's " You're Gone ", which charted at No. 7 and is the biggest hit of his tenure. The band continue to tour internationally, and were ranked 38th in Classic Rock 's "50 Best Live Acts of All Time" in 2008. [8] In 2016, they returned to the UK Albums Chart Top Ten for the first time in 22 years with their highest chart placing since 1987. [9]

Marillion Lady NinaMarillion Lady NinaMarillion Lady NinaMarillion Lady Nina