Bob dylan while the establishment burns

Amidst the criticism and his speechlessness, Dylan had been revisiting his own development. Nobody seemed to notice at the time, though proof of it has been out in plain view since late autumn. About a week-and-a-half after the Nobel announcement, during a tour stop in Tulsa, Okla. — where his own archives will live — Dylan paid a visit to the archives of Woody Guthrie , the artist who had as profound an influence on his artistic development as anyone.

Conventional wisdom often posits that while Dylan may be a unique vocal stylist, he’s not a ‘good’ singer. This is one of the lazier notions in pop music babble. In his youth, Dylan’s technique – his phrasing, breath control and emotive power – was exemplary. What he’s lost over the years is range and some of that oomph. While his studio voice has remained strong, his critics are credible when they argue that there are times in concert when he’s unlistenable and even die-hards find his erratic performances maddening. It’s one thing to improvise, to shift melodies and rewrite lyrics – it’s another to render songs completely unrecognisable. There have been moments when one wondered whether Dylan would ever carry a tune again. Then something like Shadows In The Night arrives and we remember that he is the king of the confounded expectation.

While Dylan’s take is much more personal and the lyrics have little in common with “Lady Franklin”, both versions contain the same dream: to be reunited with loved ones whom the narrator had spent happier times with.

Bob Dylan While The Establishment BurnsBob Dylan While The Establishment BurnsBob Dylan While The Establishment BurnsBob Dylan While The Establishment Burns