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The son of a police officer in Kent , [1] Hunter was a lieutenant in the Special Air Service (SAS) of the British Armed Forces . In 2008 , he participated in an operation in Basra , Iraq and another in Sierra Leone in 2011 before becoming a mercenary for hire. [2] During this time Hunter worked undercover with a low level HYDRA operative named Spud , whom he considered to be a psychopath due to witnessing him bite a man's nose off in a fight. During their time together, Hunter often mocked Spud for his depression after being dumped by his fiancé. [3]

Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller says she's received vile messages from people saying she "deserved it" or was "asking for it".

As a teenager, Loud drove some friends to the Haight-Ashbury to investigate the San Francisco neighborhood's renowned cultural scene. He hitchhiked to Altamont Raceway Park to attend The Rolling Stones concert, later the subject of the documentary Gimme Shelter .

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