Target give me one more chance

…I have been posting on FB information about "chem-trails" and geo-engineering gone wild in California and have met with fierce comments and criticism from my friends there! I left California in 2010 after retiring and moved to Alabama to be close to my family. I have tried to stay in touch with my friends in California and have posted info on web sites and other internet pages to inform my so-called friends about geoengineering and the drought and they have called me a kook and a moron! So, I decided to keep my mouth shut and say, f**k it, let 'em burn for all I care. I now live in Europe and have seen some spraying here, but nothing near as bad as on the west coast of the US. I am praying that somehow this madness will stop but the end is nowhere insight, and I do fear it will get much worse. And, as long as people are asleep and in denial the situation will be catastrophic for everyone on the planet….

The carrier battles in 1942, particularly Midway , inflicted irreparable damage on the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service (IJNAS), such that they could no longer put together a large number of fleet carriers with well-trained aircrews. [13] Japanese planners had assumed a quick war and lacked comprehensive programmes to replace the losses of ships, pilots, and sailors; at Midway in June 1942, the Japanese lost as many aircrewmen in a single day as their pre-war training program had caused in a year. [14] The following Solomon Islands campaign (1942-1945) and the New Guinea campaign (1942-1945), notably the Battles of Eastern Solomons (August 1942) and Santa Cruz (October 1942), further decimated the IJNAS veteran aircrews, and replacing their combat experience proved impossible. [15]

Please drop me a note below if you wish to encourage us to make more lamps. I can’t promise anything, but a significant demand could make a difference.

 · Last week, Target told reporters at The Wall Street Journal and Reuters that the initial intrusion into its systems was traced back to network credentials ...

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Other retailers have tried similar programs, including Walmart (WMT) , which partnered with to exchange gift cards online last year . The program ran for a few weeks, and the retailer hasn’t said if it would do it again this year.

Target Give Me One More ChanceTarget Give Me One More ChanceTarget Give Me One More ChanceTarget Give Me One More Chance