James clarke the lighter touch

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An essential factor in the establishment of large central mills able to take supplies of cane from surrounding farms and capable of efficiencies through economies of scale was the improvement of cane transport. Water transport initially provided the means for transporting large quantities of cane to mills. Larger rivers, such as the Clarence, Richmond and Tweed in NSW and the Rewa in Fiji, provided a transport artery for the early CSR (Colonial Sugar Refining Company) central mills. However, it was the development of light railway technology suited to the reliable movement of large volumes of cane over a network of lines from the 1880's which made the modern Queensland sugar industry possible.

James Cameron announced Linda Hamilton's return at a private event celebrating the franchise, which was attended by The Hollywood Reporter . He had this to say.

James Clarke The Lighter TouchJames Clarke The Lighter TouchJames Clarke The Lighter TouchJames Clarke The Lighter Touch