Soft cell bedsitter

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The duo's first album, Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret , hit UK No. 5 and further explored the now-trademark Soft Cell themes of squalour and sleaze. "Seedy Films" talks of long nights in porno cinemas, while "Frustration" and "Secret Life" deal with the boredom and hypocrisy associated with suburban life. A companion video titled Non-Stop Exotic Video Show was released alongside the album and featured videos directed by Tim Pope . The video generated some controversy in Britain, mainly due to a scandal involved with the "Sex Dwarf" clip. The original version of the music video was confiscated by police and censored before it was even released. [ citation needed ]

Harold Pinter 's play The Room (1957) is a classic " kitchen sink " drama evoking the squalor and social depression of the bed-sitting room culture of the time. British comedian Tony Hancock was the sole person in "The Bedsitter" ( Hancock 1961) by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson for the BBC, a classic depiction of the boredom of bedsit existence. The Bed-Sitting Room (1963) is a satirical play by Spike Milligan and John Antrobus about the aftermath of World War III, later made into a film released in 1969. In it, one of the characters, Lord Fortnum, mutates into the aforementioned humble dwelling after expressing fear of this surrealist eventuality. The popular 1970s British sitcom Rising Damp was set in a house converted into bedsits, with the landlord Rupert Rigsby played by Leonard Rossiter .

Soft Cell BedsitterSoft Cell BedsitterSoft Cell BedsitterSoft Cell Bedsitter