The barracudas mean time

2. Lekuan 2
Lekuan 2 is a continuation of the famous Lekuan drop off in the south of Bunaken. Crystal-clear water teaming with lots of great overhangs and beautiful caves covered with soft coral make this place a paradise for wide angle photographers. Giant Barrel sponges, black coral, ascidians, gorgonians and feather stars. A big variety of pristine hard and soft coral on the top reef also make it a top spot for snorkelling.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Angelfish red tooth triggerfish, butterflyfish, a big school of resident black snappers, leaf fish, schools of big eye trevally and large Napoleon Wrasse. Your guide will also help you look for Bargibanti pygmy seahorses on this site.

The Barracudas Mean TimeThe Barracudas Mean TimeThe Barracudas Mean TimeThe Barracudas Mean Time