Le marvelous band sept jeunes et fiers maris

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The first CD produced by the American Horn Quartet includes the "Fanfare for Barcs", "Casbah of Tetouan", "Quartet Nr. 1" and "Quartet Nr. 2, Americana" by Kerry Turner. Also on this CD is Langley's "Quartet for Horns" and "Fripperies" 1 through 8 by Lowell Shaw. With guest artists Andrew Hale (horn) and Bonnie Adelson (drum).

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An operator inside the machine also had tools to assist in communicating with the presenter outside. Two brass discs equipped with numbers were positioned opposite each other on the inside and outside of the cabinet. A rod could rotate the discs to the desired number, which acted as a code between the two. [18]

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Montreux has an area, as of 2009 [update] , of square kilometers ( sq mi). Of this area,  km 2 ( sq mi) or % is used for agricultural purposes, while  km 2 ( sq mi) or % is forested. Of the rest of the land,  km 2 ( sq mi) or % is settled (buildings or roads),  km 2 (20 acres) or % is either rivers or lakes and  km 2 ( sq mi) or % is unproductive land. [5]

By the mid noughties, Cowley began to find the experience of extracting music from a computer chip unbearable, so, with his dear friend the piano, began composing and eventually realised a long-standing vision to form the Neil Cowley Trio. In 2006 he created his own label and released his debut album Displaced, an outstanding album of original recordings that established him as a dazzling pianist and stunning composer. Cowley created a unique trademark sound that delivered powerful music of massive dynamic range and contrasts – where ferociously forceful, hook laden melodies sit side by side with reflective, tender pieces capable of heart shattering tenderness. The album was released to huge critical acclaim, and earned him the 2007 BBC Jazz Award for Best Album.

Dec 13  St Lucia Day  The Bride of Light/Lucifer "St Lucy" is a Christian veneer for "Lussi" the female witch, demon Lucifer, celebrated on the Julian Calendar Winter Solstice "Luccinata". According to the Golden Legend Lucy could not be silenced by 1000 men, moved by 50 Oxen or silenced by a spear through her throat and subsequent decapitation. A ridiculous myth covering the Pagan "Lussinata" where "Lussi" the monstrous demon (much like Krampus is to Sinterklass) and her horde of trolls, goblins and ghosts fly about, descending the chimney on Winter Solstice to abduct children in what was called the "Furious Feast" or "Wild Hunt" In Germanic mythology Lussi is Frigg/Freya or Diana the "Goddess of the Hunt" and consort of Odin/Lucifer.   Time to wake up!

Dec 13 Geminid Meteor Shower Debris path of Phaethon; Castor and Pollux (eq. Horus and Set; Remus and Romulus; Jacob and Esau); one believes he is a god and the immortal son of Zeus/Jupiter/Apollo. The Twin Towers represented Jacob and Esau; the Freedom Tower replaced them, representing the "Dominion" of Esau (Gen 27:41KJV; Dan 7:6) aka Golden Age of Saturn . The Quadriga of Apollo are the 4 Horsemen of Rev 6 , seen in Berlin, next to the Throne of Zeus aka Satan's Seat (Rev 2:13). Bride of Lucifer? or Bride of Jesus Christ? Time to choose!
Dec 15 Star Wars: Last Jedi Jedi comes from Djed Pillar, the Spine of Osiris (Saturn) symbolizing "Stability" (Solis Invictus=Unconquerable Son, refers to Saturn) was carried by Ptah with the WAS Scepter (pun intended) symbolizing "Power" and the Ankh symbolizing "Life". Ptah is the parton god of Freemasonry, master of prayers, justice, truth. Rey means "King; Ruler" mentored by Luke, the son of Anakin (Sons of Anak were Giants of Gen 6; Nephilim in new bible versions), born in the Punic (Phoenician) outpost of Carthage. The Resistance battles the First Order, ie the Primeval god Saturn, Chaos, creator of the First Race "Shabazz" worshipped by the Nation of Islam. Shabazz "Royal Falcon" is Horus, son of Osiris (Saturn), seen in Babylon "Gate of Osiris" and Babel "Gate of El" both names of Saturn, whose worship God set back roughly 4000 years ago at the Tower of Babel.  You may recall NASA's Osiris-REx launched in 2016 for oribital insertion with Asteroid Bennu Aug 15, 2018 for the search of organic materal deemed to have started life on Earth; Bullshit maybe, God started life on Earth. Bennu is the perch of Phoenix in Heliopolis "City of the Helios" aka On "City of Osiris" (Saturn). The US  is the Phoenix of the New Age of Saturn; self immolated as "Babylon" (Rev 18) for the arrival of the False Messiah Lucifer/Satan (Saturn).

Dec 14 Internet Neutrality Verizon Corporate Lawyer turned FCC Chair Ajit Pai presides over Internet Privatization; much like Taxpayer financed  TSA Pre-check, Toll Roads and Car Pool Lanes, here comes DOS (Denial of Service), Pay to Play Internet, Dark Web Hosting. Internet Providers deemed "Utilities" required to be "Common Carriers" are now classified as "Information Companies". Energy Companies have done this for 100 Years, Privatizing the Oil beneath our feet and selling it just like the "Money Changers" at the Temple Jesus whipped for turning it into a "Den of Thieves" What is given by God for Free, now costs Mammon.

Dec 15 CAR (Conflict Armament Research) Report "97% ISIS weapons are Warsaw Pact caliber, purchased by US  and Saudi Arabia and distributed to ISIS" What the report fails to mention is the Russian ship Mol Comfort capsized with 5000 Shipping containers of these weapons Sept 2013 and Nour M, a Turkish ship with 50,000 Kalishnikov rifles and ammunition was intercepted by Greek Coast Guard heading for the Russian controlled port of Tartus where Reccip Tayyip Erdogan's son Bilal runs arms shipments to ISIS.
Dec 16 Nazareth cancels Christmas Muslim Mayor Ali Salam, protesting Trump's announcement on Jerusalem ends all celebrations of Christmas. Jesus returned after the Slaughter of Innocents and death of Herod to Nazareth as a Young Child, fulfilling OT prophecy He would be called a "Nazarene". The long hair, bearded Jesus is really Zeus; Nazarites like Samson swore oaths never to let a razor come on them during their time as Judge; Jesus was not a Nazarite, but a Nazarene. Site 911 called Project 911 in Beit Shemesh (Shamash is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah) is where Samson slaughtered Philistines with Lehi (Lehi figures prominently in Mormon religion; Bee careful) the Jawbone of an Ass. John the Baptist began his ministry 3 1/2 years before the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ; the Great Tribulation lasts 3 1/2 Years. Thanks for the warning Ali. 

UN Sec Council Vote to nullify US declaration on Jerusalem called by Egypt. The US  has veto power; the vote 14-1; recall Trump, and Egyptian President al Sissi held an illuminated globe in their hands with Saudi dictator King Salman. The UN vote is all part of the plan to isolate the US in preparation to declare the US "Babylon" (Rev 18). The US is not "Babylon"; witchcraft is.

Dec 17  "Saturnalia" Asteroid 3200 Phaethon   "Shining" The Apollo Asteroid Phaethon comes closest to the Sun of all named asteroids and will pass close by Earth Dec 17 to kick off Saturnalia. Phaeton/Apollo is the son of Helios aka Solis Invicti, the Unconquered Black Sun "Saturn". Phaeton took the reigns of the Solar Chariot from his father and Scorched the Earth, creating vast Deserts.  Pretty coincidental timing eh? Or Not. Christmas means "Sacrifice and consumption of Jesus Christ"; in case its not obvious, Satan is Santa aka Saturn.
    3rd Sunday in Advent The third candle is the  Pink Shepherd Candle  of Joy. Why Pink? A combination of Red (least energetic) and White (Lucifer) Light; Pink means “Eyes half closed” referring to Initiation into Babylonian “Mystery Religion”. Pink is a Feminine color relating to the Gnostic “Mother of God”, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Shekinah etc. Pink Slip means “Discharge Notice”. Pink means “To Pierce, stab or prick”, referring to Jesus' side being Pierced. Pink means “Left of Center”. I suggest you attempt to get right of Center because everyone on Jesus’ Left will hear “Depart from me, I never knew you”(Mat 7:23) that’s a Discharge Notice that lasts for eternity!

Cyrus Mandate Donald Trump is being compared to Cyrus the Great . /index/Trump  The Sanhedrin, Temple Mount Inst and a laundry list of self proclaimed Zionist Prophets are comparing Donald Trump to Persian King Cyrus the Great. Babylon "Gate of Saturn" may be opening Saturnalia 2017.   /index/Calendar_of_Current_Events

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Le Marvelous Band Sept Jeunes Et Fiers MarisLe Marvelous Band Sept Jeunes Et Fiers MarisLe Marvelous Band Sept Jeunes Et Fiers Maris