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Harry Potter is a boy whose parents, sorcerers, were murdered by a mighty wizard when he was still a baby. He was then taken to the house of uncles who had nothing to do with the supernatural. On the contrary. Up to the age of ten, Harry was a sort of bitchy cat: ill-treated by his uncles, he inherited old clothes from his fat cousin, had patched glasses, and was treated like a nuisance. On the day of his 11-year birthday, however, he seems to slide down a bottomless pit, like Alice's in Wonderland, which leads him to a magical world. Discover his true story and his destiny: to be a sorcerer's apprentice until the day he will face the worst force of evil, the man who murdered his parents. The green-eyed boy, skinny and lanky, so accustomed to rejection, also discovers that he is a hero in the universe of magicians. Potter realizes that he is the only person to have survived an attack by such an evil wizard and that is the cause of the lightning-brand mark he bears on his forehead. He's not some kid, he's not even a sorcerer; he is Harry Potter, a symbol of power, endurance and a natural leader among the supernatural. The fable, filled with ghosts, talking walls, cauldrons, frogs, unicorns, dragons and giants, is not, however, just a pastime.

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