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In the list below, Méliès's films are numbered according to their order in the catalogues of the Star Film Company. In Méliès's numbering system, films were listed and numbered according to their order of production, and each catalogue number denotes about 20 meters of film (thus, for example, A Trip to the Moon , at about 260 meters long, is listed as #399–411). [12] The original French release titles, as well as the original titles used in the US and UK versions of the Star Film catalogues, are listed in the body of the filmography; notable variant titles are provided in smaller text. The parenthetical descriptive subtitles used in the catalogues (. scène comique ) are also provided whenever possible. Films directed by Méliès but not originally released by the Star Film Company (such as The Coronation of Edward VII , released by Charles Urban , or The Conquest of the Pole , released by Pathé Frères ) are also included. Where available, the list also includes information on whether each film survives, survives in fragmentary form, or is presumed lost . Unless otherwise referenced, the information presented here is derived from the 2008 filmography prepared by Jacques Malthête, [13] augmented by filmographies prepared in the 1970s by Paul Hammond [14] and John Frazer. [15]

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Georges Méliès (1861–1938) was a French filmmaker and magician generally regarded as the first person to recognize the potential of narrative film. He made about ...

Jean Jacques Delphes Arts ContemporainsJean Jacques Delphes Arts ContemporainsJean Jacques Delphes Arts Contemporains