Dbs stands for decibels

After a new round of testing in 2017, our pick remains the Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40″ Tower Fan . The Vornado 630 is our new runner-up pick after testing proved it to be nearly as capable as (and about $30 cheaper than) the Vornado 660, our former runner-up. We considered but dismissed two new desktop fans and one tower fan from Vornado, as well as two new tower fans from Lasko, all which cost too much compared to the UltraSlimline. Our smaller desk fan pick and upgrade pick remain the same.

4) Amplifier headroom . This is an allowance for the amplifier to cope with peaks without distortion. Note that for every 3dB allowance, the power requirement doubles.

dBs Stands For DecibelsdBs Stands For DecibelsdBs Stands For DecibelsdBs Stands For Decibels