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The Avengers find a strange pod lying on the bottom of Jamaica bay, which they send to Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. The pod cracks open and Jean emerges, with no memories from the time she flew the shuttle until she hatched from the cocoon, but the truth of Phoenix is now revealed. While dying upon the shuttle, Jean was, in fact, approached by a cosmic psychic entity known as the Phoenix Force, which duplicated Jean's form and merged with a portion of her soul/consciousness, while Jean herself was sealed in a pod at the bottom of the bay to heal. It was the Phoenix Force which became the Dark Phoenix and committed those evil actions, hence Jean was absolved of them and went on to found X-Factor with her original X-Men teammates. Jean is now without her telepathy, but her telekinesis is much more powerful. The former X-Men are contacted and she reunites with them. Jean learns that the Phoenix Force merged with Rachel Summers , her daughter from an alternate timeline. Jean initially rejected Rachel because of this, as she felt Rachel's existence was a constant reminder of the dark future she came from and feared could still come to pass. During the time in which Jean is thought dead, Scott meets a pilot named Madelyne Pryor . They marry and gave birth to a son, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers . When Scott hears Jean is alive, he leaves Pryor. Shortly afterward, he joins Jean and the other founding X-Men to create X-Factor . Early in X-Factor's career, Jean first battles the mutants' nemesis, Apocalypse .

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In Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975), writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum introduced a new team that starred in a revival of The X-Men , beginning with issue #94 . This new team replaced the previous members with the exception of Cyclops, who remained. This team differed greatly from the original. Unlike in the early issues of the original series, the new team was not made up of teenagers and they also had a more diverse background. Each was from a different country with varying cultural and philosophical beliefs, and all were already well-versed in using their mutant powers, several being experienced in combat. The "all-new, all-different X-Men" [8] were led by Cyclops, from the original team, and consisted of the newly created Colossus (from the Soviet Union ), Nightcrawler (from West Germany ), Storm (from Kenya ), and Thunderbird (a Native American of Apache descent), and three previously introduced characters: Banshee (from Ireland ), Sunfire (from Japan ), and Wolverine (from Canada ). Wolverine eventually became the breakout character on the team and, in terms of comic sales and appearances, the most popular X-Men character. However, this team would not remain whole for long as Sunfire quit immediately and never really accepted the other members, and Thunderbird would die in the very next mission. Filling in the vacancy, a revamped Jean Grey soon rejoined the X-Men under her new persona of "Phoenix". Angel, Beast, Iceman, Havok , and Polaris also made significant guest appearances.

Still masquerading as Raven, Mystique is married to Baron Christian Wagner; older sources give his name as Count Eric Wagner, an affluent member of the German nobility . He proves to be a loving husband, but disappointing as a lover. His infertility adds to their marital problems. Mystique starts using her shapeshifting powers in order to secretly have sexual encounters with others. She is eventually seduced by fellow mutant Azazel . Azazel states that he is ruler of "an island nation off the coast of Bermuda : La Isla des Demonas", The Island of Demons . [ volume & issue needed ] He is later revealed to also have the power of immortality and to be the father of an ancient race of mutants known as the Neyaphem , active since at least 2000 BC. [ volume & issue needed ]

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The X Men Spiral GirlThe X Men Spiral GirlThe X Men Spiral GirlThe X Men Spiral Girl